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Values and Ethos - PRIDE

The core values we promote in the school are:

            P – Positive attitudes to everything we do

            – Respect for ourselves and for each other

            I – Independence of thought and of action

            – Difference, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual

            – Excellence in all we do.

Our ethos is to create a love of learning

It is our aim for our school to be viewed as making excellent provision for all its community, knowing and celebrating the strengths of all individuals  and having high aspirations for everyone.  We aspire to a culture of successful high quality outcomes within a supportive, stress-free environment as well as being progressive and outward facing in terms of the curriculum and the wide ranging opportunities that the school offers.

The children who are currently in our school are the citizens of the future.  The world of tomorrow is likely to be a very different place than that of today and we have no idea what knowledge will be most appropriate to them.  It is likely that when our children enter the workplace, many of them will be doing jobs that haven’t yet been invented…

  • therefore, it is more important that we teach children the purpose of learning and HOW  to learn not WHAT to learn.

We know that the world is a stressful place and that mental well-being is as important as physical well-being in order to lead successful and fulfilling lives.  In order to be successful, we believe that it is important for young people to be able to manage their feelings and emotions and develop their own sense of worth.  We make this a feature of the opportunities offered to all members of our school community. 

In preparing our children for their future, and indeed in preparing us all for the future, we know that being numerate and literate is essential but other skills are also prized above all others.  Key employers such as John Lewis and Unilever ask  for so-called ‘soft’ skills above the more tangible exam grades when they are recruiting.  Rightly, they believe that it is more important that their employees are: creative thinkers; have and maintain good relationships; can work as part of a team and have a ‘can do’ mentality…

Our school environment therefore, has to be:

  • safe and secure, encouraging children and staff to question and encouraging a culture of trial and error
  • a place where mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities
  • a place where striving towards personal excellence is actively acknowledged and praised
  • motivating and encouraging, praising the effort rather than outcome
  • outward facing, showing what is on offer in the wider world and giving opportunities for experimenting
  • able to provide a range of experiences to inspire as many children and staff as possible in whatever area that interests them

Ultimately our school should be a place where successful learners; responsible citizens and confident individuals are developed for the future whatever that future may hold!