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Review of 2019/2020 School development plan

Despite the closure we are pleased to share an update and summary of the key school improvements that were achieved last academic year. 

Overview of the 2019/20 School Development Plan

Strand 1: Deliver an engaging curriculum with high expectations for all

Whilst the school remained open, our  focus ws to improve  the intent, implementation and impact of our Science curriculum .  Our Phase leader team reviewed the resources, and planning  within our science curriculum to ensure everything we offered was high quality and engaging. When we return to a normal currciulum we will resume the development of the core subject.  

Strand 2: Delivering a new whole school behaviour policy with improved systems for rewards and sanctions

During the time the school was open, the leadership team and staff team identified that the school rules needed a refresh to ensure they were fit for purpose for the school. 

As a staff team, we  revised the school rules and Behaviour policy. We now are underway implementing the new policy with new systems for praising, rewarding and dealing with consequences for when rules get broken. If you would like to know more about the behaviour policy, please check the policy section of the school web site.

Strand 3: Developing our Inclusion offer to ensure all pupil groups thrive at school

With our Inclusion Leader in post, we seized the opportunity to review our inclusion offer across the school. We invested in the Thrive Approach to provide our staff with a powerful way of working with the children to support their optimal social and emotional development. Due to the school closure, we are still in need of completing the training, then our ‘experts’ will lead the development of our teaching approaches and school environment to enable us to offer the best opportunities for pupils personal development.

Strand 4: Embed the roles and responsibilities of all layers of our leadership team

We worked developing our  staff team and middle leaders to embed the school improvements that were started in the 2018-19 academic year.  Whilst the school was open, our senior and middle leaders worked hard on ensuing a consistent approach to planning and teaching in each phase. 

Additional Strand 5: Strengthen the transition arrangements between the Early Years and KS1 and beyond.  

We continue to consider our Early Years as a strength at the school.  We were sad to say good bye to Mrs James during the year. But our new Infant phase lead has been hard at work developing the EYFS and infant classrooms to ensure they are bright, tidy and full of new resources to help our children learn at their best.