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Great Bookham School comunication to our learners at home

From Monday 11th January 2021 we commence our Remote Learning contingency plan for children learning at home. 

Parents can expect regular communication from the school, but are reminded they now have access to class email addresses to contact their class teacher  if they have a specific question relating to their child.

We intend to develop our systems of communication as we improve our confidence in the use of video messages  and live video meetings. We will still occasionally use the Blog  function on the website for communication where appropriate.  

Email Communication

From Monday 11th January the school will make ‘live’ class email addresses for parents to contact their class teachers. Please use correct email account. Unless deemed urgent, staff will do their best to respond in two working days.

For all other messages, please specify who the message is intended for and send to:

School office telephone number: (When open)

01372 456774

Please note, the default method of communication will remain  as a phone call.