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Message to the Upper Junior Children

Message from Mrs Gilbertson, Mrs Jupp and Miss Shamp.

Thank you for all the wonderful letters we've received following this morning's English lesson. We're missing you all and are thinking about you lots.

Please don't worry about doing everything because we understand how different it is when you're learning at home. Just keep trying your best and remember that you're learning all the time, even when you're not in a conventional classroom with your teacher. Reading a recipe, planting a seed, using a new app, practising keepie-upies, reading a series of novels, inventing stories with your siblings, drawing what you can see from your window, washing up... the list of learning opportunities away from school is endless. 

We hope you enjoy this little limerick from Mrs Gilbertson inspired by the current lock down. We'd love to read any poetry that you write!

Please email your poems to us at:


There once was a virus that spread,

It filled the whole world with a dread.

But staying at home

Meant it could not roam

So we’re safer this way instead.


Sending you all a virtual high five,

Mrs Gilbertson, Mrs Jupp and Miss Shamp